init6 announced funding to Showwcase

Having previously invested in a service provider cloud local IDCloudHost, early 2022 init-6 again announced funding to Showwcase.

Showwcase is a startup from the United States that specifically presents a professional network built for developer to connect, build community, and discover new opportunities. Because the more the number developer who attended online nowadays, making platforms like Showwcase considered very relevant to them.

This funding round is the initial stage funding received by Showwcase. No further mention is made of the investment value provided. In total, Init-6 currently has around 15 portfolios. Most of them are startups from Indonesia. Currently Showwcase has plans to expand in Indonesia.

To DailySocial.id, Partner of Init-6 Nugroho Herucahyono revealed that the reason they provided funding for Showwcase was that there were still few digital talents at this time. There is an imbalance between supply and demand for technology talent.

"One of the problems we observe is the lack of solutions that can accommodate the needs of tech talent to connect, share knowledge, showcase technology skills, and find opportunities in the tech community. Seeing that problem, we believe Showwcase can be the answer to represent the needs of tech talent in the market. We believe that the Showwcase platform can bridge the supply and demand gap for technology talent.”

Launched in 2020, Init-6 was founded with their focus on investing in early-stage startups. Init-6 makes its first investment to the platform EdTech Eduka System. The plan is that throughout 2022, there will be another Init-6 investment plan for startups in Indonesia.

(Source: dailysocial.id)