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\ \  (_)_ __ (_) |_   / /_
 \ \ | | '_ \| | __| | '_ \
 / / | | | | | | |_  | (_) |
/_/  |_|_| |_|_|\__|  \___/

Our generation is facing one of the greatest challenges of our time. Never before we face something that has such a profound impact on our lives. A simple virus has caught us unprepared. Thousands of people lost their lives, millions lost their job, and millions more have to shut down their businesses.

We are all hopeful that someday, a cure will be found and we will come back to “normal”. But chances are, this kind of crisis will have a lasting impact on our way of life. A new normal has to be invented. A new way to work, a new way to learn, a new way to produce, a new way to do business, a new way to keep our health, and finally, a new way to live.

We believe that we can come out of this time stronger than ever. We believe that we can build a new and better way to live.

It’s time to rebuild, time to reboot.

> init 6

We invest in early stage startups to build the new way of life after Covid-19.
We invest in great founders. We love technical founders with the passion to solve big problems.
We understand their challenges and we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty in helping them.

Contact us: pitch@init-6.fund