IDCloudHost Ready to Expand to Asian Market

init6 announced a $5 million (Rp72 billion) funding grant to IDCloudHost on March 23, 2022, becoming the 11th portfolio after init6 was founded in April 2022. IDCloudHost (PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia) is an SSD Cloud Hosting-based Web Hosting Provider founded in 2015 and has served +60 thousand customers.

This IDCloudHost product is in line with the increasingly rapid digitization of SMEs and is a pillar of the economy in Indonesia. According to Alfian Pamungkas Sakawiguna, CEO of IDCloudHost, this funding is the first funding since IDCloudHost was founded five years ago. 

They will use the funds to expand into the Southeast Asian market and gain one million service users. So, they will add and increase the data center's capacity. Until today, IDCloudHost has served 100 thousand customers, 350 thousand requests, and has 5 data centers in Indonesia.