We invest in founders to turn big ideas into innovative companies
IDCloudHost is a Web Hosting Provider based on SSD Cloud Hosting designed for customer needs and builds complex infrastructure abstractions in a service.
monit is an enterprise cash and credit card management platform for businesses.
Skorlife is a credit checking platform and credit reports for Indonesian consumers to access easily and instantly.
Imajin is a manufacturing hub where everyone can easily find a local manufacturer to create its product.
Trakteer is a platform that helps creators monetize their work and receive financial support as a form of appreciation in a different and fun way.
Eduka System is an online preparation test system for schools & students to prepare for the entrance test to the public universities and enhances skills in solving complex problems.
Codemi is an online cloud-based learning management system to help companies train and improve employee skills, with full features: Learner Dashboard, Online Training, Course Catalog, Online Test, and Learning Reward.
Awanio is a cloud management platform that allows enterprises to orchestrate IT Infrastructure: servers, CPU, memory, storage, and networks across multi-environment and enhances the cloud experience from developer to the end customer.

Schoters is a language tutoring platform that has fulfilled the dream of 500+ alumni studying at the world's top campus and getting a scholarship.
Showwcase is a professional network for coders to connect, build community, and find new opportunities. Coders can create a front page for their developer team, add team members, and get access to jobs as a team.
Flik is a one-click checkout solution. Merchants can use this platform to sell more and increase conversions with frictionless checkout, taking shoppers from product inspiration to purchase in 1-click.
Ringkas is a homeownership journey platform that helps home buyers access 100 million homes available at Ringkas to get a house easily, quickly, and have a seamless experience in applying for a mortgage application.
Dibimbing is a learning platform that provides skills for job preparation and career advancement that helps growth mindset owners to develop themselves to get their dream careers.
Bioma is a service platform that enables customers to rent durable consumer goods and solve problems for multiple parties while also operating sustainably.
Finnix is a financial technology and project management solution for creative businesses.
Algobash is a developer assessment tools and talent pool platform to help companies find the most suitable talents.
Sekolahmu is a blended learning platform that provides various accredited educational programs to nurture future competencies.
Dbank is a Pakistan user-centric digital banking system based on ethical banking with an Islamic ethos.
Waste4Change is an end-to-end waste management solution to solve Indonesia’s waste management issues using technology and collaboration with a sustainable business model.
Runchise is an integrated restaurant and franchise management system to increase operational efficiency and profit.
Ledgerowl is an AI-powered platform to automate tasks involved in bookkeeping – ranging from data collection, data entry, and reconciliation to the classification of transactions.
Gently is a mom and baby personal care brand that emphasizes efficacy and gentle formulas with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.